Parenting in the Age of Chhota Bheem

Parenting in the age of Technology and Media

Sidika Sehgal interviewed Niharika Nangia, a young parent, about bringing up children in the age of technology. This is what she had to say… Sidika: In the 2000s when I was growing up, children weren’t addicted to the television like some are now. What has your experience been with the so-called ‘idiot box’? Niharika: I have […]

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On Making Teachers Storytellers


Remember the Pythagoras theorem? Can you recall the formula right now? Yes, go ahead and give it a try. Most of the people struggle to remember it. No, there is nothing wrong with you if you cannot recall it — it is our education system that is to be blamed — like many other things, we learned the theorem […]

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