Parenting in the Age of Chhota Bheem

Parenting in the age of Technology and Media

Sidika Sehgal interviewed Niharika Nangia, a young parent, about bringing up children in the age of technology. This is what she had to say… Sidika: In the 2000s when I was growing up, children weren’t addicted to the television like some are now. What has your experience been with the so-called ‘idiot box’? Niharika: I have […]

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On Doing Nothing & Listening To Stories


Have you noticed how most of us do not daydream as much as we used to when we were kids? Do you think today’s children daydream as much as we did? The answer unfortunately is ‘No’. Daydreaming has two pre-requisites 1) a window of time when you are ‘doing nothing’ and 2) the ability to […]

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