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“When we write scripts, we usually write about strangers, but most abuses are perpetrated by known people. All abuses need not necessarily be from the opposite gender...where do children spend most of their time, how to respond in such situations and what to do when something like this happens. The focus is on child sexual abuse but it also includes peripheral issues like bullying, access to pornography and body shaming that can lead to sexual abuse.” - Ameen Haque...

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- June 13, 2017The New Indian Express

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The storyteller, Chaitali Verma, had plenty of tales up her sleeve to entertain the room full of enthusiastic children. From the story of the king who loved his rotis round, soft and fluffy to the tale of the monkey who wanted to win the love of a ruthless princess, they appealed to children and adults alike....

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- June 02, 2017The Hindu

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The hour-long session begins with a poem in Hindi, composed by Haque, told from an old man’s perspective, about living in the moment. An African story about trust in a marriage follows. The next poem, also in Hindi, is a tragic love story, where Haque invites the audience to join in with singing the chorus line. An African story called ‘Roof of Leaves’, about a tribal couple, is next, followed by an English poem about love at an older age. The last story, a European one called ‘What Women Want’, is his favourite, ending with another poem in Hindi, called ‘Baaton Baaton Mein’. Haque takes care to choose stories that are copyright free, might have been passed down generations or where it is difficult to ascertain the author....

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- December 25, 2016The Week

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Stories can change lives, profit big corporations, and even heal a broken heart. Here’s to reading between lines and beyond ‘once upon a time’....

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- November 27, 2016Bangalore Mirror


“A beautiful way to engage the kids – Tell stories”...

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- June 10, 2016Prajavani