Stories help to win people over because stories speak to emotions. Products definitely are of prime importance but there is more to a brand than just products. In this era inundated with information, brand story told well goes a long way.

Workshop and consulting services

Amidst the brand stories that exist, the better one always wins. Ensure that brand story and consumer aspirations are aligned in every aspect of your marketing strategy.

DURATION: 1 day / 2 days
Help your teams articulate and tell their brand story better by empowering them with the art of storytelling.

- Understand story structure and patterns
- Develop the brand story
- Tell the brand story
- What goes viral and why
- Social Media storytelling

As an organization, you put your heart and soul into your work. But most often you find it difficult to convey as to why anyone should join you, partner with you or invest in you.

Have you been telling your story well? Or is there a gap between what you are and what the world perceives you to be? If so, bridge that gap: get story power on your side.

Darioush Afzali
Marketing Director, SAB Miller India Ltd.

"The storytelling training was very informative, very well presented and throughout enjoyable. I appreciated the good discussions, the interesting case studies and marketing stimulus and some of the challenges that you threw at us as a team. I believe my team has learned a lot from your training that will assist us in our workplace in everyday life - we will definitely use the tools you gave us to shape our thinking"

Saji Matthews
Head of Global Marketing at Sun Tec Business Solutions.

"Story telling is a powerful tool that marketeers can use as a differentiator. And Ameen Haque has helped my company discover the power of story telling. We are already seeing the results!"

Manavjeet Singh

"While working with Ameen, we witnessed the magic of mere numbers turning into a meaningful engaging story. It did create the desired impact for us. It was pleasure working with storywallah team and we wish them all the best for their journey of creating such impactful stories for the corporate world."