Since centuries, stories have been used to pass on culture from one person to another. There is no community that is isolated from stories that have emerged from time-to-time. Organizations are no different – they thrive within the culture on which they are built. Hence, stories play a part in every organization in the realm of people management.

Workshop and consulting services

There is a huge gap between where companies like to be in terms of innovation and where they actually are.

How does one bridge the gap? Culture is the key.

Using stories of innovation from organizations that have done it and those who could not, we look at the science of culture transformation and use story based frameworks to inspire innovation.

Success in business depends on how well we navigate change. Most people do not like change – it brings with it uncertainty and anxiety. Change management initiatives fail due to lack of communication, acceptance and enthusiasm. This is where a compelling story can play an important role. We can help you build your story of change.

Organizational culture is a lived experience – it lives in every day actions of employees and manifests in routine behavior. It is the glue that holds a team together. Culture also is what customers experience at every interaction.

Align your team to your vision and culture using a good vision story, anecdotes and narratives.

Stories are the fastest way to build a bridge or break a wall.

A story-based approach to conflict resolution focuses on building empathy, seeing things from other’s perspective, listening and sharing stories to resolve conflicts and align people to shared goals.

Unconscious bias can come in the way of an inclusive and diverse work culture. Our ‘Unconscious Bias’ workshop helps organizations recognize bias and build a workplace that offers equal opportunity.

Our workshops for women not just help them build business storytelling capability but also help women take charge of their story by using simple principles to advance their career.

Krishna A.
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Bosch

"For most of us who come with a number of years exposure in Bosch, this change seems sudden and quick. This interaction with you helped us look at a number of issues from an out of box perspective and thus gave us an exposure to a whole new dimension of CHANGE and implications of the same. It has helped them and me reflect on the shifts we need to make going forward"

Suparna Kapoor
Senior Faculty, HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited)

"Ameen's ability to create bespoke packages focusing on innate human expression makes the entire experience insightful and inspiring for participants."