This is the age of elevator pitches, engaging content and TED talks.
Moreover, amidst the ocean of content, it is important to have a pitch/ presentation that is memorable.
Stories can make your presentation stick.

Workshop and consulting services

In an era where all keynotes land up on YouTube or are expected to match the quality of TED talks, ensure that your presentation is powerful and impactful.

If you are struggling with a Keynote, want to make it impactful but feel there is something missing or feel that there is a lot of stuff in there but there is no story - call storywallahs and get help with story, structure and delivery of that keynote.

Every entrepreneur needs to be a storyteller. A founder has to raise funds, onboard partners, attract top-notch talent and pitch to customers: a good story is required in all these places. We guide and help start-ups in crafting and designing their story and the elevator pitch. We typically work with Series A and Series B investor pitches.

Your presentations, RFPs and reports are going out to prospective clients, investors and other stakeholders. Make sure they create the desired impact with the help of a story. We would be happy to give your presentations a story & design makeover.


"Ameen and Storywallahs have a unique manner of understanding the needs of our organisation. Ameen blends logic and humanism in every story he weaves; it is enthralling and believable. At a time when people distanced Greenpeace for the not so true stories, Ameen was supportive not just for our belief system and values but to support our teams in telling our story to the world"