Sexuality education, especially for adolescents, is a big challenge in India.Educators are constrained by lack of resource material, appropriate methodology and age appropriate curriculum.Storytelling can play a fundamental role in sexuality education.

Here's how one can start

For teachers, counselors, parents and educators

- Using stories to make the conversation easier and two-way with adolescents
- Body Image, Relationships, Sexuality, Gender roles, Social Media
- How to develop a story based curriculum
- Using case studies, videos, activities and narratives

A story based lesson plan for every topic
Links to videos, reference material, suggested activities for facilitation
Narratives with questions that foster two way communication
Developed in consultation with subject matter experts, tested in workshops
Age appropriate language, content, examples
Broad range of topics covered: Changes in body, relationships, sexuality,
difficult questions, social media usage, gender roles, life skills