Teacher Training & Life Skills

“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” – Rudyard Kipling

Stories told in classrooms make teacher likeable and learning fun. The workshop, designed especially for pre-primary and primary teachers, will help them to leverage stories in classrooms, establish connect with children and make learning enjoyable.

  1. Why stories should be told in classrooms
  2. Where to find stories
  3. How to tell stories: body language, voice modulation, props and how to include elements of interaction and repetition to make it engaging.

We forget what we mug up but remember stories. Concepts taught through stories can make subjects likeable, memorable and easy.Our Storytelling workshop for teachers and educators helps schools and teacher-training institutions to discover storytelling as an important educational tool and unlock the power of stories in classroom.

Teaching with Stories:

  1. Importance of storytelling
  2. Teaching subjects using stories: Language, Math, Science, Life skills
  3. Creating your own bank of stories
  4. Delivering a story well: body language, voice modulation, props

Stories make the conversation on difficult topic of Sexuality education easier and two-way with adolescents. Our storytelling training helps teachers, counsellors and anyone who works with adolescents to storify Sexuality education.

  1. Body Image, Relationships, Sexuality, Gender roles, Social Media
  2. How to develop a story-based curriculum
  3. Use of case studies, videos, activities and narrative