This is the signature 'Storywallahs' beginner level workshop where people who are interested in improving their storytelling skills come and pick up concepts, frameworks and techniques for better storytelling. The key modules include: 1) How to structure a story 2) Making a story come alive - telling it like a pro 3) Techniques, tips and tricks for beginners from pros 4) Common pitfalls to avoid during a story narration 5) Lots of practical exercises, games and feedback during the workshop.

Let's Dream With Eyes Open

This hour-long session begins with a poem in Hindi, composed by Haque, told from an old man’s perspective, about living in the moment. An African story about trust in a marriage follows. The next poem, also in Hindi, is a tragic love story, where Haque invites the audience to join in with singing the chorus line. An African story called ‘Roof of Leaves’, about a tribal couple, is next, followed by an English poem about love at an older age. The last story, a European one called ‘What Women Want’, is his favourite, ending with another poem in Hindi, called ‘Baaton Baaton Mein’.