We help organisations, business leaders, startup founders, teachers, brand managers, educators and change makers leverage storytelling. Using the power of stories, we help organisations accelerate their D&I (Diversity & Inclusion) journeys, build a culture of Innovation and roll out change management programs.  As performers, we travel the world to collect and tell stories and as educators we help schools transform the way children learn through stories.

Our Work

Business Storytelling

Anyone in business is also in the art of storytelling. Learn business storytelling, brand storytelling and crafting startup story.

Data Storytelling

Data, charts and graphs can be overwhelming for the audience. Learn how to communicate data, bring life to numbers and keep the audience engaged.

Executive Presence

Executive presence is a critical factor in being successful. Learn how to build executive presence with your body language and effective communication.

Diversity & Inclusion

Use the power of stories to meet your diversity goals and create a truly inclusive workplace. Explore how you can move from ‘compliance’ to ‘culture’.

Storytelling For Changemakers

Stories move people. Explore how to leverage stories in various phases of social change – ideation, inspiring people for a cause and raising funds.

Teacher Training & Life Skills

Storytelling in classrooms makes learning memorable and enjoyable. Learn how to teach concepts, life skills and sexuality education using stories.