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Ameen Haque

Story coach, Innovation consultant and Diversity champion, Ameen Haque is the founder of Storywallahs, a company that helps leaders and organisations leverage the power of stories. Storytelling is an essential skill, no matter what you do and Ameen helps you build that capability at your organisation. His approach to Innovation is focused on Culture, specifically fostering a culture of innovation. And as a diversity champion, he helps organisations build a culture of inclusiveness in the truest sense of that word. A Graduate Degree in Business Administration, Ameen has studied Advertising Media Planning at MICA. Formerly a Vice President at Ogilvy & Mather, Ameen has over 20 years of experience in advertising, theatre & consulting. These stints have exposed him to stories, human behavior, team dynamics and strategy. He loves climbing hills and playing table tennis.

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Chaitali Verma

Chaitali is a Fashion Designer by education. In a career spanning 15 years she has worked in industries as diverse as fashion designing, exports and Outsourced Business Processes. The MOF (Manager of Fun), she is an excellent event manager and has conceptualized and conducted various team building, training, employee engagement and motivation activities at her workplaces. She loves being with children and likes to tell stories that motivate and inspire. A sports buff, she sees sports as metaphor for life and would like to touch people’s heart through her stories.


Nupur Aggarwal

A nutritionist by education, Nupur provides nourishment and nutrition for the soul through a carefully chosen and healthy diet of stories. A mother of two, she discovered the effectiveness and simplicity of story telling while interacting with her own wonderful kids. She has since been using story telling to nurture imagination and fuel creativity. She not only tells stories but trains teachers to use the power of stories effectively in facilitating learning. She has been telling stories in prime cultural spaces, literature festivals, leading schools, book stores and libraries. A prime example of "Chota Packet Kare Bade Kamaal", Nupur is a live-wire performer and a crowd puller.


Navnita Kedar

An engineer with an MBA in Human Resources, Navnita has worked in software development and has also been a HR professional with Geometric Software and TCS. Though her quest for storytelling began while reading stories to her child, she sees storytelling from a much broader perspective now. She enjoys telling stories to special children and is known as “Butter aunty” – now there is a story about that. Navnita has been doing some very cool work marrying data & stories to tell stories through numbers. She strongly believes that data presentations can benefit a lot from stories.


Arun Kumar Gonal

A Computer Science graduate by education, Arun has developed software at Infosys and Ericsson. Operations, problem solving and people management are his expertise areas and he is actively involved in growing the start-ups he is associated with. A storyteller who connects with the audience effortlessly, his ability to tell stories in multiple languages is an added advantage. He has been spreading happiness through stories at The Samarthanam Trust and Spastics Society for the last two years. He recently used stories for a change management program for students of an ITI college. The people of Bangalore have listened to his stories at various events & venues like Bangalore Literature Festival, Kathavana and Banyan tree festival and Atta Galatta.


Lakshmi Devaraj

Lakshmi has been making up stories since the time her three year old son refused to eat vegetables and she had to resort to stories to make the vegetables palatable for him. Creating stories on the go comes naturally to her and she started telling stories professionally ten years ago, working with school students in classrooms. One of her proudest moments was when she helped children discover the writer within and go from a blank page to a story in just 3 days during her workshop at Ranga Shankara. Lakshmi has trained teachers how to teach through stories and and has performed at Bangalore Lit Fest and Bookaroo Children’s Lit Fest and can be seen entertaining children and adults equally at various venues in Bangalore.


Sangeeta Goel

Sangeeta suffers from the ‘give-up-CA-to-do-something-else’ syndrome. Because she is the Humpty Dumpty who had had the great fall and has a crack in her head since then. After almost 8 years of working at firms that dealt with numbers and Indian laws, she decided to relinquish everything and work for the greater good. This is when she met the love of her life - stories. She had set out on a journey to discover more about stories but instead stories found her everywhere. What a journey it was to transform from a listener to an active teller! She has told amazing stories of India at goMowgli to the travellers. At Storywallahs, she is discovering her own story even as she narrates stories to children, adults and special children. Picture abhi baaki hai…..


Trupti Srikanth

A closet writer, closet singer, and a closet performer, Trupti came out as a storyteller. A Manufacturing Engineer by education, Trupti worked with various IT organizations in areas as varied as technical training, testing, and client relationship until stories came calling. And then, there was no looking back. She believes stories have the power to entertain, educate, heal and influence change. Driven by this belief, she not only tells stories to entertain, but also to enable conversations and raise awareness on subjects like Mental Health, and works with schools to help teachers harness the power of stories in the classroom. She enjoys being amidst children and can become one among them in a matter of minutes. You can catch her playing raconteuse to children and adults alike at various cultural spaces, schools, and literature festivals across the city.


Lubaina Rangwala

Lubaina Rangwala is the resident Digital Storyteller at The Storywallahs. She is attracted to anything with a narrative - from traditional storytelling to editing to amateur movie-making. She's a graduate in Visual Communication with an MFA in Animation from UNSW. She is the one who tells the story of 'The Storywallahs' in the online world. Her passion for the digital medium extends to social media as well and she can be seen passing off funny posts on Twitter and Facebook as her own jokes to impress her non-digitally savvy friends. When she is not telling stories, she is keenly reading them, listening to them, or dreaming them up.